POW is a digital marketing concept that advertises on vehicles in both stationary and motion states. It broadcasts to a wide audience that is present around the vehicle (in a stationary state) as well as those the vehicle passes (in a state of motion), and informs the consumer of various businesses (in and outside the area it is present in) as well as their product/service offering.


POW vehicles are unique, eye catching and appealing. They are therefore guaranteed to catch people’s attention!









POW can get your message to locations where stationary billboards may not be available as we will be positioned in traffic at eye level allowing for your message to be seen and recalled.

Mobile digital billboards carry an advertising recall rate of over 90% and generate 2.5 times more attention than conventional static billboards and street pole ads.

With your advertising being “on the move”, the visibility and exposure of your business will increase twofold from standard conventional advertising methods resulting in improved growth prospects for your business.

POW is an inexpensive solution for advertising when compared to other advertising mediums and is one of the most efficient ways to present the idea of your brand, service, and/or product within budget.

A digital mobile advertising campaign can give you the reach and boost that no other marketing medium can.


POW allows clients to control their advertisement content as per their desire with flexibility to edit/expand the content and duration of the advertisement in real time. We will also have the ability to display ‘Live Feeds’ from/to large events via Bluetooth.

 Due to our mobile advertising concept, we can target specific routes/events, and can therefore approach the market that your business is targeting e.g. people attending concerts, shopping malls, product/programme launches, recruitment campaigns, special promotions, branding, experiential marketing, product sampling or branding, etc.

 You have the option to take-up multiple ads that run on a single or multiple vehicles and routes, based on e.g. a specific time of day and/or targeting monthly specials, etc.



Each vehicle is equipped with a custom Ultra high definition LED screen suitable for outdoor use on either side, as well as the back that are capable of displaying ads in image and/or video form.

Artwork can be supplied with required specifications or we can provide professional services for compilation at competitive rates.

POW vehicles will target key urban routes and places e.g. Sandton CBD travelling through high traffic roads and intersections, business parks and shopping centres.

POW may also be used for multiple advertising campaigns and events, or can be exclusively hired out for private/specific advertising. Our times can be customised to suit your needs e.g. for campaigns, etc. can be arranged (depending on extent of use required as well as vehicle availability).